Introduction to Musicology


Week 11: Transmission and Intervention

Essay Title (800 words)

  1. Discuss the textual history of EITHER Tallis’s Five-Part Litany OR Allegri’s ‘Miserere’. Consider the ways in which textual mutability results (a) from the work’s manner of circulation, and (b) from changing performance conventions.



  2. The Choral Responses and Litanies of the United Church of England and Ireland, ed. John Jebb, vol. 1 of 2 (London: George Bell, 1847) (library)

  3. Suzanne G. Cole, Thomas Tallis and His Music in Victorian England (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2008) (library)

  4. Andrew Johnstone, ‘Thomas Tallis and the Five-Part English Litany of 1544: Evidence of “the Notes Used in the King’s Majesty’s Chapel”’, Early Music, 44 (2016), 219–32 (oup)


  6. Graham O’Reilly, ‘“Per divertimento del Cittadino Mesplet, amatore et conoscitore della vera Musica”: Two Early Sources of the abbellimenti used in Allegri’s Miserere’, Early Music, 44 (2016), 21–44 (oup)

  7. See also these web pages and book by Ben Byram-Wigfield